Our adult program

Our Harmony Adults Group, focusing on Empowerment, Self Care, Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Meditation, Finding Your Life Purpose & Values, Making Friends, Working with Your Strengths, Communicating with their Needs. 

Our friendly team makes sure that every participant gets equal individual attention and focus on developing great skills through these programs and activities.

Our participants love and enjoy these programs as well as our team that enjoys every moment with them and make it more special.


Our Program Schedule

We Update our Program Schedule on regular basis.

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Elite Smart Programs and  activities are tailored to individual participants needs, goals, communicating your needs appropriately, self esteem and lots more.

You will be delighted to have a look at some of our memories!
  • Our Programs are delivered in a fun way with games, art, music, CBT, play strength based therapy. We carefully group our participants in ages base on their needs, skills.
  • Especially taking into consideration their intellectual/emotional age and sensory needs.

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