Meet Tarkan

As someone living with an intellectual disability, Tarkan needed a care provider who could support his complex needs. At Elite Smart, we were happy to help. 

Tarkan’s First Steps to Independent Living

When you have a disability, you have a unique set of needs. So, it’s only natural that you’d need unique care to meet those needs. But sometimes, finding the right care provider is tough. You need people who recognise the challenges you face. You need creative solutions that will help you reach your goals. You need a support network that understands you.


That’s exactly what Tarkan was looking for in an NDIS provider. He needed people who would treat his intellectual disability with compassion and patience. And he found that here at Elite Smart. 


Tarkan’s goals were to increase his independence, improve his travel abilities, and learn new skills. We knew right away that we had the tools to make that happen. So, we worked with him to create a customised care plan.


We quickly got Tarkan involved in our community activities. His favourite program is our Men’s Shed, which takes place every fortnight. In this program, Tarkan gets hands-on experience building all kinds of objects. Plus, he works alongside knowledgeable locals who offer helpful tips and tricks. Men’s Shed helps Tarkan hit all his NDIS goals.

He’s growing more independent by learning how to do things for himself. By getting himself to Men’s Shed every fortnight, he’s learning how to travel on his own. Best of all, he’s developing new practical skills that he can use in everyday life.


Tarkan says that he “loves being part of the Elite Smart team” and we love having him on board. Seeing his progress has been a pleasure and a privilege for all our staff. We know that Tarkan is just getting started on his journey to independent living. We’re so excited to follow along and support him in his next steps!


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The quotes included in this piece have been edited for clarity. 

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